Geomap Ltd has a strict policy to provide services of the highest quality in compliance with clients' specific requirements. This policy in conjunction with an on-going commitment to enhancing the companies' reputation and capabilities, ensures Geomap offers a service second to none.

It is the genuine commitment to understanding the present and future needs of its clients that is essential to the success of the company, thus Geomap continually strives to ensure all the needs and expectations of clients are realised in the quality of the service it provides.

The Quality Assurance policy is described in the Quality Assurance Manual and detailed in a Procedures Manual. Geomap has ensured all employees and contractors understand and adhere to the requirements of this policy and contents of the Quality Assurance Manual.

The Quality Assurance Manual and subsequent Procedures Manual are published as a direct response to the requirements defined by ISO 9001:2000.

Geomap constantly monitors its quality performance and implement improvements where appropriate.