Geomap Ltd is an established Chartered Surveyors situated in Stroud, Gloucestershire.

At the heart of the company, there is a team of skilled surveyors who have been keeping clients happy for over 15 years. Providing above and below ground services such as topographic surveys, building surveys and utility surveys to name but a few, Geomap combines traditional and more advanced technology to tailor projects to meet the needs of the client. 

Their team of surveyors provide surveying consultancy services to a range of clients and boast a wealth of knowlege, experience and surveying equipment. Their aim is to provide an expert service and solutions, working closely with clients to meet budget and quality requirements. On-going training and qualifications enables the company to utilise the latest technology within a traditional forward thinking surveying practice.

Combining the latest in laser scanners, photogrammetry, multi-tasking controllers and data collecting equipment Geomap are able to provide, where applicable, a one man operation, enabling them to offer the client reduced costs, increasing productivity and high accuracy data.